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Last year’s Wayne “Led” Sorbelli’s Zeppelin Experience Tribute Show MARCH 2022 Key West Theater, was AMAZING!

Last year’s Wayne “Led” Sorbelli’s Zeppelin Experience Tribute show opening for national touring act Billion Dollar Babies Alice Cooper tribute band Saturday, March 12, 2022 at the Key West theater 512 Eaton Street, Key West Island, FLORIDA USA was so much fun to a standing room only crowd.

Unlike my 2021 shows, I added the double neck SG guitar in 2022 when I added “When The Levee Breaks” to the show. I love the 12 string for the slide guitar parts and for me adding in string section parts like violin and cello string section parts- with the special help of my finger slide!!

Wayne “Led” Sorbelli’s Zeppelin Experience Show March 2022 @ Key West Theater w/White Double Neck SG guitar

ABOVE: Wayne “Led” Sorbelli’s Zeppelin Experience Show March 12, 2022 at the Key West Theater with beloved White Double Neck SG guitar. I use it on the early 1900’s American standard “When the Levee Breaks” by Memphis Mini & Kansas Joe – I of course pay tribute here to the Led Zeppelin cover version of the song using Jimmy Page’s arrangement. However when it comes time for the solo, lean into the Derek Trucks solo from the PLAY FOR CHANGE version featuring John Paul Jones (Zep’s bassist for any LZ newbies)

Wayne “Led” Sorbelli’s Zeppelin Tribute (8-9p) opening 4 Billion Dollar Babies Alice Cooper Tribute (9-11p) at The Key West Theater 3/12/2022 Saturday Night

Wayne “Led” Sorbelli whirls magic wand upon his Jimmy Page signature Gibson USA 1994 guitar .

Don’t miss Wayne “Led” Sorbelli’s Zepplin tribute show opening for national touring act Billion Dollar Babies Alice Cooper tribute band Saturday, March 12, 2022 at the Key West theater 512 Eaton Street, Key West Florida 33040.

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Wayne “Led” Sorbelli’s Zepplin Tribute Band members & special guests for Saturday March 12th, 2022 Key West Theater show are: Wayne Sorbelli all guitars & effects/ Greg Shanle Drums/ Greg Bywaters Bass with SPECIAL GUEST Francois Gehin on BASS guitar/ Keyboards Emerson Farris with SPECIAL GUEST James King the III/ Zack Jones harmonica/ Johnny Van Plant Vocals with SPECIAL GUESTS KarI Daley Wolf, Wavy Dave Parkhurst and Rebecca Whitten.

UkeOut Ukulele Jam Nights are back at The Green Parrott Key West one night a month. July 2021’s Ukulele Orchestra open mic night was awesome.

Wayne “Led” Sorbelli’s Zeppelin Tribute Band with special guest Wavy Dave on vocals at Ukulele Night Green Parrot Key West

2021 July’s “UkeOut” Ukulele party & Open Mic Jam in the Florida Keys at The Green Parrot Bar in Key West was awesome!! Wavy Dave Parkhurst and I played some Led Zeppelin on our Ukulele’s and had more fun than i thought possible from two small ukes. It goesto showyou can ROCK on auke just like a guitar!!!

We are offering online Skype FaceTime and Zoom for ukulele and all instrument lessons. (ukulele open mic jam session) is one island tradition that has helped make Key West the Ukulele Capital of North America.

UkeOut PAGE is the Island Guitar page to support our local (OR visiting) Ukulele players. It’s a resource not only for upcoming ukulele & uke lifestyle related events, but also serves as a resource for answering common ukulele questions on tuning, size differences etc. enter questions for FREE @
Please click here for our UkeOut Category or click link under CATEGORY section of this siteHave a GREAT time exploring this site – Peace 🙂 Just use the search bar on top or side of this page to ask or search for anything ukulele, guitar, music, etc related!! Search for information, photos and dates on UkeOuts, Concerts, Lessons, ANYTHING MUSIC !!

Getting my Jimmy Page signature Les Paul warmed up for the Grand Opening live band concert on July 9, 2021 at Jay’s Joint stage inside of Wayne’s World Music Dallas, NEPA

I can’t wait to see NEPA’s newest rising jam/rock band SPUD in person. Also I’m very excited to get to play with old friends & students like the legendary Ray “Stingray” Delprior, Johny Van Plant who’s coming down from Buffalo New York just to sing some Led Zeppelin with me -(thank you JVP), Spud’s Sammy, DJ Cunningham and many many more. Get there early and grab a good spot – space is limited! July 9, 2021 show starts 8pm. Get there early for meet & greet with all the players & old friends!

Wayne “Led” Sorbelli’s Led Zeppelin Tribute band is opening the “BUSTIN’ Out Of Quarantine Concert” at The Key West Theater July 31st, 2021. Headlining is ParrotHead Masquer. Tickets on sale NOW

Wayne “Led” Sorbelli’s Led Zeppelin Tribute Show in Key West Florida

Don’t miss out! Jamie & I are raising money to help local families fighting pediatric cancer with our non-profit 501C Nicky’s Celebration, Inc (named after & in honor of my late son NICKY Wayne Sorbelli, who lost his battle with blood cancer at 10yrs old).

My wife & I will always continue to fight against cancer & help those fighting.

Click the link to buy tickets directly from the Key West Theater Box Office on Eaton Street.

I’ll be using different musician friends to play different songs of my set. So far I’ve got Mark UVA Gambuzza of Parrot Head Massacre singing one, Michele Dravis singing one or two, David Warren & Jannik Khaer doing some drums, Francois Gehin & Carter Moore playing some bass, James KingIII on keys – and more songs and artists are coming together everyday.

Wayne “Led” Sorbelli’s Led Zeppelin Tribute Show in Key West

Call my store Island Guitar 305-414-8056 with ?’s or the Key West Theater (their phone number is in the link above)

To donate directly to Nicky’s Celebration, Inc non-profit charity scan the code or type in the account below. Many thanks for caring & sharing.