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I teach & coach LIVE 1-on-1 guitar, bass, ukulele & Cigar Box Guitar (fretted or slide) on FaceTime, Skype, & Zoom. I am a guitar player since 1980, music store owner & operator since 1997, & private music teacher since 1998. Call me 305-414-8056 or email me and let me coach & teach you to be the player of you’re dreams!!

I Love coaching & training people & helping them become the player of their dreams, whatever type of player that might be. You set the goal, I make and coach you through the steps to get you there.

I play electric slide guitar in a blues band named Elmore’s Revenge on & around the island of Key West, FL..

I’ve owned and operated Wayne’s World Music since 1996.

My Music World includes:

Wayne’s World Dallas 570-674-1994 &

Island Guitar aka Bone Island Music Key West 305-414-8056

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