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Wayne “Led” Sorbelli’s Zeppelin Tribute (8-9p) opening 4 Billion Dollar Babies Alice Cooper Tribute (9-11p) at The Key West Theater 3/12/2022 Saturday Night

Wayne “Led” Sorbelli whirls magic wand upon his Jimmy Page signature Gibson USA 1994 guitar .

Don’t miss Wayne “Led” Sorbelli’s Zepplin tribute show opening for national touring act Billion Dollar Babies Alice Cooper tribute band Saturday, March 12, 2022 at the Key West theater 512 Eaton Street, Key West Florida 33040.

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Wayne “Led” Sorbelli’s Zepplin Tribute Band members & special guests for Saturday March 12th, 2022 Key West Theater show are: Wayne Sorbelli all guitars & effects/ Greg Shanle Drums/ Greg Bywaters Bass with SPECIAL GUEST Francois Gehin on BASS guitar/ Keyboards Emerson Farris with SPECIAL GUEST James King the III/ Zack Jones harmonica/ Johnny Van Plant Vocals with SPECIAL GUESTS KarI Daley Wolf, Wavy Dave Parkhurst and Rebecca Whitten.

Wayne “Led” Sorbelli’s Led Zep Tribute Show “Rock & Roll” on electric ukuleles Key West Theater 7/31/21

‘Twas a beautiful July 31st evening, 2021 at the Key West Theater benefiting Nicky’s Celebration (a local non-profit helping local families fight pediatric cancer).  

Me and my very recently assembled Wayne “Led” Sorbelli’s Tribute to Led Zeppelin Show band consisting of 12 of the loveliest, hardest working musicians I know, rotating duties as their personal and professional schedules provided, worked up 12 of Zep’s greatest hits for the event.

I am very proud of everyone I worked with and the results. Look at song credits for a list of a names of my friends/players/cancer fighters/cancer survivors/and those like myself who had lost someone very close to them via cancer.  We assembled and kicked cancers ass on that night.  We raised peace signs, fists, hope, and many screaming testimony’s!!!  

No better way to start something like this than to come out of the gate shooting from the hip with my little electric ukulele – it’s the smallest thing I play but makes ME feel way way bigger than I am – so it empowers me on stage – funny? – I guess – but it’s the truth.  So I felt like a giant on stage playing a pretty easy guitar song (that’s a joke) on a little ukulele with a guitar pickup installed in it .   It was a way to empower me and set the theme for the night’s comings – we were going to kick cancer in the balls on this night like giants.  Like the Hammer of the Gods!!!! (But in our own Key West kind of quarkie weird little island way) 

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Band for “Rock and Roll”:

Gary Ek “The Soundman From hell” MC

Wayne “Led” Sorbelli electric ukulele 

Wavy Dave Parkhurst vocals 

David Bryce Warren Drums

Tim Marshall Curtis Bass

Here’s a link to the entire set. https://youtu.be/p1ixr0SBfPo

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Pls share this it’s the entire Led Zep tribute set I did from the kids cancer benefit concert on 7/31/21 at the Key West Theater. Click link https://youtu.be/p1ixr0SBfPo

Wayne “Led” Sorbelli’s Zeppelin Tribute at Key West Theater benefiting kids fighting cancer

UkeOut Ukulele Jam Nights are back at The Green Parrott Key West one night a month. July 2021’s Ukulele Orchestra open mic night was awesome.

Wayne “Led” Sorbelli’s Zeppelin Tribute Band with special guest Wavy Dave on vocals at Ukulele Night Green Parrot Key West

2021 July’s “UkeOut” Ukulele party & Open Mic Jam in the Florida Keys at The Green Parrot Bar in Key West was awesome!! Wavy Dave Parkhurst and I played some Led Zeppelin on our Ukulele’s and had more fun than i thought possible from two small ukes. It goesto showyou can ROCK on auke just like a guitar!!!

We are offering online Skype FaceTime and Zoom for ukulele and all instrument lessons.https://islandguitar.com/live-online-guitar-lessons/UkeOut (ukulele open mic jam session) is one island tradition that has helped make Key West the Ukulele Capital of North America.

UkeOut PAGE is the Island Guitar page to support our local (OR visiting) Ukulele players. It’s a resource not only for upcoming ukulele & uke lifestyle related events, but also serves as a resource for answering common ukulele questions on tuning, size differences etc. enter questions for FREE @ http://www.ukeout.com
Please click here for our UkeOut Category https://islandguitar.com/category/ukeout/ or click link under CATEGORY section of this siteHave a GREAT time exploring this site – Peace 🙂 Just use the search bar on top or side of this page to ask or search for anything ukulele, guitar, music, etc related!! Search for information, photos and dates on UkeOuts, Concerts, Lessons, ANYTHING MUSIC !!

Wayne “Led” Sorbelli’s Key west Led Zeppelin Tribute charity fundraiser opening for Parrot Head massacre at Key West Theater to help local children fight CANCER!!

Greetings family, friends, peers, brethren, brothers, sisters, students, & anyone who loves to ROCK OUT for a good cause— or anyone who hates cancer as much as I do!!!!! !!!

My Led Zeppelin Tribute band is opening a show at the Key West theater on July 31st, 2021 called (Bustin’ out of Quarantine) & the band we are opening for is called the (Parrothead Massacre) & they do some heavier music mixed with some comedy & tongue-in-cheek stuff with their professional quality covers of everything from MotorHead to Metallica all mixed with a spectacular sense of humor.

I’ll be using different musician friends to play different songs of my set. So far I’ve got Mark UVA Gambuzza of Parrot Head Massacre singing one, Rebecca Morse Whitten, Johnny Van Plant & David Bryce Warren singing a couple songs each, David Bryce Warren & Jannik Khaer doing some drums & percussion, Francois Gehin & Carter Moore playing some bass guitar, Island Guitar’s piano teacher James KingIII on keys, Key West artist/musician Zach Jones on harmonica – and more songs and artists are coming together everyday.

The show is a benefit for my Wife Jamie & I’s non-profit 501c in memory of our son NICKY Wayne Sorbelli, who lost his battle with blood cancer at age 10 after a hard & very long year’s battle.

My family now is forever part of the war on cancer, it’s cure, its prevention & working towards early detection abilities (which would increase treatment success rate exponentially)

— but most importantly we help those families still fighting the battle right here, right now!

We are warriors now. We never had the chance to say “no I’m not signing up for this”. Jamie & I didn’t get to choose any of this – but here we are in a battle of the flesh, mind, & soul!!!! Helping families & their children with their battle.

I promise to forever fight this disgusting evil cancer until death!! Please Help Us?

Thank you for Caring & sharing.

Click the link to buy tickets directly from the Key West Theater Box Office on Eaton Street. https://thekeywesttheater.com/e/?event=403736

Pls use this QR code below to make a direct donation to Nicky’s Celebration, Inc Non-profit. Proceeds help local children fighting pediatric cancers & their families.

Pls use this QR code to make a direct donation to Nicky’s Celebration, Inc Non-profit. Proceeds help local children fighting pediatric cancers.