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Wayne Sorbelli (Island Guitar Store) & Moose (Bullet Proof Band) host Blues Night @ 90 Mile Lounge downtown Key West

Wayne Sorbelli & Moose host Blues Night @ 90 Mile Lounge downtown Key West
Wayne Sorbelli & Moose host Blues Night @ 90 Mile Lounge downtown Key West

“We will be playing ALL BLUES! OLD blues NEW blues All Blues – Moose loves playing his older than dirt ELVIS signature Epiphone Acoustic Electric and I always LOVE my Gibson Les Paul or Dean Soltero electric guitar to pick, spank,  finger or slide on and squeeze them blues out of – heck I even carry my electric 6-string DOBRO and my new Morrell Electric Lap Steel 8 String guitar with me -and  just in case the blues chef Master Moose should call for some special ingredients – I even carry my ukulele to play the blues and slide on!!”

Moose always says  “I swear to play THE BLUES, THE WHOLE BLUES, and NOTHIN’ BUT THE BLUES so help me God” –  Ellard-James Moose Boles

“You can try to play the blues, or just give in and let the blues play you!  That’s IT!  It’s THAT little struggle, THAT split second tension right there between me and my guitar and those unconscious note choices that are happening when the notes start to play me, to me,  THAT IS THE BLUES”  – Wayne Sorbelli

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