Friday 9/30/16 party rock band DWC STRAIN will be playing Gas Monkey Bar Key West 7-11pm

Carter Moore, David Warren and myself will be jamming some serious party rock band favorites on Friday 9/30,2016, 2016 in downtown Key West at Gas Monkey Bar  7 til 11pm.

Come dance and party with us while we roll up and dish out the best vibrations in town – the classics, soon to be classics and the BEST party grooves around.

Slightly Stoopid, Sublime, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Aerosmith, ACDC, Jimi Hendrix, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Grateful Dead, Joe Walsh, Bob Marley, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pepper, Badfish etc etc etc etc etc etc


Newest Key West 3 piece Party Rock n’ Reggae Band DWC STRAIN debuts 5/21/16 @ The SandBar Key West across the street from  Sloppy Joe’s Bar (Green St Side Next to The Gree Room)

My new band DWC Strain is rocking the good classics as well as the newest party rock n’ reggae Key West “Conch Republic” style. 

Come dance & party with us on Saturday May 21, 2016 9pm til 1am at The Sandbar Key West, across the street from world famous Sloppy Joe’s on Green Street next to The Green Room. 

We will be playing Slightly Stoopid, Sublime, Grateful Drad, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, Joe Walsh, CCR,  SRV,  and too many more legends and epic bands to mention! 

Come check out our scene and listen and feel our vibrations!! 


Come Celebrate Dance & Party with us @ the 5 Five Year Green Parrot Ukulele Orchestra Anniversary tonight!!  

Come dance & party with us while we celebrate the five 5 year anniversary of the UkeOut ukulele party and Green Parrot Ukulele Orchestra Band.  

Don’t miss it tonight May 4th, 2016 at the world famous Green Parrot Bar from 8pm-11pm 

Next UkeOut Ukulele party Open Mic Jam Night in the Florida Keys is at Green Parrot Bar in Key West, Wednesday May 4th, 2016 8pm-11pm

Next UkeOut Ukulele party Open Mic Jam Night in the Florida Keys is at Green Parrot Bar in Key West, Wednesday May 4th, 2016 8pm-11pm

UkeOut (ukulele open mic jam session) is one island tradition that has helped make Key West the Ukulele Capital of North America.

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Nicky Sorbelli & Family go on Miami, Key West, Wilkes-Barre, Scranton, NEPA local news ABC TV affiliates asking the nation for FREE bone marrow donor testing at

10 yr old son, cancer battler & inspirational hero Nicky Sorbelli & his family father Wayne, mother Jamie & sister Leela go on local news TV in Miami, Key West, Wilkes-Barre, Scranton, NEPA (ABC TV affiliates) asking the nation for FREE bone marrow donor testing at  

As most of you reading this know, my son Nicky Sorbelli has been fighting T-Cell Lympblastic Lymphoma since his diagnosis in May 2015 – his cancer became chemo resistant in late November so they had to switch his treatment to a harder chemo and a bone marrow transplant.

We need to start looking for a bone marrow transplant match for Nicky now ASAP because the results can take up to two weeks to get a potential donor’s results back. You can get a free home mouth swab test kit!   **

** Free mouth swab test to register & if you are a match its just a shot & blood draw to actually donate for most transplants! 

Monetary donation can be made directly to Nicky & his family at First State Bank of the Floria Keys: payable to Sorbelli. Memo Nicky Sorbelli donation fund (2487)

Official list of benefit concerts and fundraisers

DONATE & HELP Nicky Sorbelli & his family through his gofundme account

Thanks everyone for all the positive messages and as always I will keep everyone posted as we go, as I can.

Follow Nicky’s own words as he types on his very own blog at 


Sorbelli family got a Thanksgiving miracle when they got to leave the Hospital & come back home to Key West because his blood counts were holding up so well & fighting so strong- and maybe see Robert Plant on Duval St?

Miracle Blues From Outer Space” TODAY’S soundtrack for Nicky Sorbelli’s EPIC ASS KICKING of his blood cancer! The Sorbelli family got a holiday miracle yesterday when after Nicky’s chemotherapy we got to leave the Miami Children’s Hospital & come back home because his blood counts were holding up so well & fighting so strong!!! Dec 14th is his next chemo infusion so a little break is just amazing for him and us right now!

It’s a feeling I can’t explain – I’m so happy! There aren’t any words for the feelings that accompany getting out of the hospital and chemotherapy UNEXPECTEDLY the day before Thanksgivibg! It’s a true holiday miracle and we are very very thankful – it’s perfect! 

As we drive down US1 heading back home – I am getting calls and texts and emails from my music shop in Key West that there was a very special person hanging out and celebrating the holiday on Duval street Key West – a one and only ROBERT PLANT. Yep that is special and he is probably cool to party with and hang with – but all I can say – and I say with much humility and respect – “MOVE OVER ROBERT PLANT NICKY SORBELLI is coming back to town!!” Robert you & Santa Clause may have to wait in line for the attention this year if Nicky is back in town because he’s the coolest of the cool! 

And Robert his hair was as EPIC as yours back in the day. He’s Lion at heart – a Golden Child God.

Follow Nicky’s blog on

Led Zeppelin Jimmy Page’s Moby Dick Lesson video (draft) @ Island Guitar Music Studio Key West with Wayne Sorbelli 

Wayne Sorbelli here at my Island Guitar Key West Music Lesson & Video Studio. I’m getting ready and running through rough drafts of Led Zeppelin’s EPIC Moby Dick for a lesson request a student requested of me (and pre-paid thank you very VERY much) 

I’m doing the main riff using a pick and no slide. I do incorporate the glass picky slide during the drum solo part where normally there is no guitar – making it more like an episode of Whole Lotta Love’s orgasmic middle section and interlude – however I was picturing fishing and hooking on to a Moby Dick type whale where through my playing I was trying to relay my feelings of battling the big one – relating it to my family’s battles and struggles with my little joys blood cancer at the moment. We are fighting things of giant proportions and we love fishing. – so my song about fishing is about catching Moby Dick !! It’s all tensions and release. It’s all the blues in my playing – no matter how rock I try to get lol 
I pulled out my old Gibson USA Les Paul 1994 Custom guitar just to get reacquainted lol 
I’m playing through a solid state Roland Micro Cube on the Brit Combo amp setting with very little delay on for when I was picking – then cut the delay back to zero but kept the gain on ten for the middle slide trippy part. 
Any questions feel free to contact me. Most of the amps and gear I use for videos are for sale. Jsyk. 
My music blog is
My personal profile page is Wayne Sorbelli

Me, Bob Bloodfeast & Dr. Chud of the World Famous Misfits playing Hallowayne 2001 Concert w/ Sardonica & Graves @ Pittston Waynes World Music Building. Best concert in Pittston EVER!


Greetings!! Wayne Sorbelli here here of Island Guitar Key West & •Way rs World Music NEPA. I found this photo and had to share it as it is full great memories and me and anyone who sees it for. The Hallowayen yearly comcerts were the begging on many of the area bands – some bands are still around- some went on to become bigger bigger and moved beyond NEPA clubs to come back as music Heros (Aaron Bruch and Chad Zeiliga too name just a few. 

The pic above is me with Bob Bloodfeast & Dr. Chud of the World Famous Misfits playing Hallowayne 2001 Concert w/ Sardonica at The Pittston Waynes World Music Building. 

To leagues of zombie Pittston kids this was and will always be one of the Best concert in Pittston Pennsylvania – EVER! 

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