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IS YOUR PRE-SCHOOL AGED CHILD READY FOR KEY WEST KIDS UKULELE SUMMER CAMP? Introducing children to the wonderful world of music.

Is you pre-school aged child ready for ukulele camp?


□ Can your child count to 20?

□ Can your child recite the alphabet?

□ Can your child use a pair of scissors?

□ Does your child mostly color within the lines?

□ Can your child sit still for 10 minutes at a time?

□ Does your child pretend to play ukulele, guitar, bass, violin, flute, drums or piano on objects like tables, pencils, broomsticks, sofa arms, etc?

□ Does your child respond to music by tapping their feet, hands, fingers or toes to the beat or like dancing or singing with it?

□ MUST be able to use bathroom facilities unassisted. No exceptions.

Island Guitar Key West (Home of the BONE ISLAND MUSIC CREW) 1109 Key Plaza Key West, Fl 33040 Phone: 305-414-8056

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