“Wake Up Little Lion” Ukulele demo 4 my son Nicky by Wayne Woken Lion Sorbelli from Island Guitar & Music Studio in Key West at Miami Children’s Hospital

So here is one take of a song that I had written in my sleep for my son Nicky Sorbelli . I call it “Wake Up Little Lion” 

Greetings!! Wayne Sorbelli here of Island Guitar and Music Lessons & Sales Studio in Key West.

 I’m at the Miami Children’s Hospital with my son Nicky where he is battling cancer, T Lymphoblastic Lymphoma. 

Last night before going to bed I had a melody stuck in my head, a vocal melody and ukulele chord progression.  I was unknowingly gathering inspiration from two surrounding situations:

1) a child in the hospital room next to my son Nicky went into a coma because of the chemo and still has not woken up for almost a week now and the doctors give the child little to no hopes of ever waking up)  – 


2) my son’s Nicky’s bone marrow needs to WAKE UP as well!!   

When I woke up this morning in the hospital next to Nicky, the song was in my head with lyrics and all. . So I grabbed my ukulele and a coffee and headed outside of  the hospital to find a private spot to use my iPhone6  camera to quickly record it before I forget it ( which happens to me all the time lol). 

Nicky & I are typing and loading pictures on Nicky’s own page on our Sorbelli family website at http://sorbelli.com/nicky/

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