“Happy Birthday Jimi Hendrix” by Wayne Sorbelli Electric 6-String Lap Slide Guitar @ Island Guitar & Ukulele Store Key West

Happy Birthday Jimi Hendrix – Wayne Sorbelli here from Island Guitar store in Key West.

I’m sliding here on a handmade Electric 6-String Lap Guitar with a hum bucking pickup – tuned to “UNIVERSAL G” or better known as Dobro G (which is different than open G).

I’m going through an Ernie Ball MVP Volume pedal into a Roland Cube 40GX guitar amp and I’m using a Boss RC-30 looper in which I first played, looped and then recorded the backtrack with.

I started off thinking of Hendrix and his Stratocaster but then I turned towards the school of Trent Reznor and his Nine Inch Nails and more industrial sluggish stuff came out for the backing – so I rolled with it.

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570-674-1995 in Dallas

Play Guitar – Be Happy!

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