“G String Blues” Wayne Sorbelli @ Island Guitar Music Store Key West playing w/his Glass Finger Slide & Les Paul Guitar

Wayne Sorbelli here @ Island Guitar Key West playing some G blues with my glass finger – I call it “G String Blues”

Johnny Winter inspired me to pick up and try to play slide guitar a long time ago, then years later Derek Trucks re-ignited my passion for it. 

This is my 1994  Gibson Les Paul Custom that I purchased brand new, but one year old, in 1995. 

It was signed by Warren Haynes not long after I bought it,  then the Master Slide Legend Johnny Winter a few years later!!

I ‘m stringing it as I usually do – with size 10-46 Strings. 

I’m not too partial to one brand or the other at the moment, as I see great qualities in a few brands and go back and forth depending on the tone I’m shooting for, or the mood I’m in.  GHS, Dunlop, Ernie Ball and DR are my go to favorites.

I tune it Standard Low to High EADGBe and sometimes Drop D for slide or finger playing.

Overall for feel and tone, I prefer using glass over metal slides – when I do want the CRISPY SHIVERS of metal on metal sliding, I prefer Brass to chrome.

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570-674-1995 in Dallas

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