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@ Island Guitar Lesson Studio sliding & picking my Gibson SG to a cover of Freddie King’s “Long Legged Woman” (in a Short Mini Skirt)

I play the blues so that I may not have to live them to the full degree! It puts everything back in balance for me! 

In this video I’m sliding & fingering all over a cover of Freddie King’s Big Legged Woman in a SHORT SHORT mini skirt.  

I’m playing my newly acquired Gibson USA SG with three Blade pickups and a 6 way control switch through a small 16watt tube amp. Using a Dunlop 202 slide on my pinky. Fingers as weapons – NO POICKS 😃

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“Wake Up Little Lion” Ukulele demo 4 my son Nicky by Wayne Woken Lion Sorbelli from Island Guitar & Music Studio in Key West at Miami Children’s Hospital

So here is one take of a song that I had written in my sleep for my son Nicky Sorbelli . I call it “Wake Up Little Lion” 

Greetings!! Wayne Sorbelli here of Island Guitar and Music Lessons & Sales Studio in Key West.

 I’m at the Miami Children’s Hospital with my son Nicky where he is battling cancer, T Lymphoblastic Lymphoma. 

Last night before going to bed I had a melody stuck in my head, a vocal melody and ukulele chord progression.  I was unknowingly gathering inspiration from two surrounding situations:

1) a child in the hospital room next to my son Nicky went into a coma because of the chemo and still has not woken up for almost a week now and the doctors give the child little to no hopes of ever waking up)  – 


2) my son’s Nicky’s bone marrow needs to WAKE UP as well!!   

When I woke up this morning in the hospital next to Nicky, the song was in my head with lyrics and all. . So I grabbed my ukulele and a coffee and headed outside of  the hospital to find a private spot to use my iPhone6  camera to quickly record it before I forget it ( which happens to me all the time lol). 

Nicky & I are typing and loading pictures on Nicky’s own page on our Sorbelli family website at

To donate to Their Go Fund Me site:

I consider the SLIDE, Glass, Chrome, Brass, Ceramic, Bone, etc to be my main instrument. Here is Ukulele Slide Blues

I’m using my instrument  for healing – I consider the SLIDE & mainly the glass slide my main instrument. I don’t care what it’s on, guitar, bass, acoustic, electric, ukulele etc. I PLAY SLIDE!  When you put the slide on the strings to me, gives me a voice and I can feel the vibrations literally of what I’m trying to say –  and I think the frequencies tell a story far deeper than I could ever say merely with words – when you hear and listen you either get it, or you don’t at any one moment.

 I know some can feel what  I’m saying as I pour some serious blues crying and screaming out of this little ukulele lol

I recorded this at my music store in Key West jamming some blues in Am using my glass slide finger and Luna Cedar Top Ukulele.

I’m in standard soprano ukulele tuning GCEA.

I didn’t change anything about the uke, it’s a regular setup on an off the shelf Luna Cedar Top ukulele with nylon strings.

I’m sliding with my pinky 4th finger wearing a glass slide Dunlop 212. (although it’s worth mentioning that any slide will do the job, but all sound different, not better or worse, but different and they all certainly FEEL and handle much differently once laid upon the strings.  Brass is heavy and offers more resistance therefore it’s easier to accurately stop and not blow by a target note, where glass is lighter and slippery feeling and offers more control over the fine overtones, but it takes more effort to control it – I can write volumes on differences in slide material  – but i guess we will save that for another post)

“You can try to play the blues, or just give in and let the blues play you!  That’s IT!  It’s THAT little struggle, THAT split second tension right there between me and my guitar and those unconscious note choices that are happening when the notes start to play me, to me,  THAT IS THE BLUES”  – Wayne Sorbelli

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“Happy Birthday Jimi Hendrix” by Wayne Sorbelli Electric 6-String Lap Slide Guitar @ Island Guitar & Ukulele Store Key West

Happy Birthday Jimi Hendrix – Wayne Sorbelli here from Island Guitar store in Key West.

I’m sliding here on a handmade Electric 6-String Lap Guitar with a hum bucking pickup – tuned to “UNIVERSAL G” or better known as Dobro G (which is different than open G).

I’m going through an Ernie Ball MVP Volume pedal into a Roland Cube 40GX guitar amp and I’m using a Boss RC-30 looper in which I first played, looped and then recorded the backtrack with.

I started off thinking of Hendrix and his Stratocaster but then I turned towards the school of Trent Reznor and his Nine Inch Nails and more industrial sluggish stuff came out for the backing – so I rolled with it.

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