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Island Guitar presents Ukulele Bring-a-Buddy ‘MINI’ Camp!

2-3 kids per group, ages 5-11 yrs.

4x (1 hour sessions) filled with instruction, fun, crafts, & being musically creative!

Tues 6/16, Sat 6/20, Tues 6/23, Sat 6/27 2020.

10:00- 11:00, 11:30-12:30, 1:00-2:00 spots available.

$100 per student (for 4 sessions)

Instructor: Leela Sorbelli & her helpers Wayne & Jamie Sorbelli.  305-414-8056

Your children can get started from the VERY beginning or pick up from where they left off.

Jamie, Leela & myself look forward to another Key West summer full of AWESOME Ukulele camps – but MICRO SIZE for safety & peace of mind lol.

Ukulele Tunings & Uke Size Chart with explanation: Soprano Concert Tenor Baritone & Bass Ukes

Ukulele Size & Tuning Chart for Soprano, Concert, Tenor, Baritone, Bass & 8 string Ukes
Ukulele Size & Tuning Chart for Soprano, Concert, Tenor, Baritone, & Bass Ukes

Ukulele Size Chart – Length, Scale & Body Shape

* The above pictured dimensions were taken from Luna brand ukuleles and can be used as a general rule for identifying purposes, with each brand varying slightly in measurement, but following the same order.

There are four main types of ukuleles: Soprano – Concert (or Alto) – Tenor – Baritone

Soprano: Tuning: gCEA, aDF#B

Concert (or Alto): Tuning: gCEA (re-entrant), GCEA (linear (tune G down an entire Octave))

Tenor: Tuning: gCEA (re-entrant), GCEA (linear) using Low 4th G string, or DGBE (like Baritone)

Baritone: Tuning: DGBE (1st four strings of a guitar) 

Bass Uke or sometimes called a  UBass is as a regular Bass guitar would be tuned: low to high (4th-1st)  EADG

**remember that the 1st string of any guitar or UKULELE is the one furthest from your face while playing      ** (the smallest/thinnest  string on a GUITAR is the first, and furthest away from your face while playing it)

UkeOut PAGE is the Island Guitar page to support our local (OR visiting) Ukulele players.

We have EVERYTHING you need to jam out or “UKEOUT” as it’s dubbed!Ukuleles, cases, ukulele display wall hangers and stands, straps, strings, tuners, learning books cd’s and DVD’s, cleaning kits, and a ton of COOL ukulele lover GIFT items, T-Shirts and fun accessories!!

Have a GREAT time exploring this site – Peace :)    Just use the search bar on top or side of this page to ask or search for anything ukulele, guitar, music, etc related!!  Search for information, photos and dates on UkeOuts, Concerts, Lessons, ANYTHING MUSIC !!

Play Ukulele,,,Be Happy

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example is a standard tuned concert ukulele with a glass slide

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violin, cello, guitar, BASS, drums, ukulele, & piano lessons & music instruction Key West

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Ukulele Slide Blues “I Made It Cry w/my Glass Finger” Wayne Sorbelli @ Island Guitar Shop Key West & Dallas

Click link above to watch video:  Ukulele Slide Blues. “I Made It Cry w/my Glass Finger”

Wayne Sorbelli here at my music store in Key West jamming some blues in Am using my glass slide finger and Luna Cedar Top Ukulele.

I’m in standard soprano ukulele tuning GCEA.

I didn’t change anything about the uke, it’s a regular setup on an off the shelf Luna Cedar Top ukulele with nylon strings.

I’m sliding with my pinky wearing a glass slide Dunlop 212.

“You can try to play the blues, or just give in and let the blues play you!  That’s IT!  It’s THAT little struggle, THAT split second tension right there between me and my guitar and those unconscious note choices that are happening when the notes start to play me, to me,  THAT IS THE BLUES”  – Wayne Sorbelli

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