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Is it too expensive $$, risky or inconvenient to travel or fly with your guitar, bass, or drums? WE RENT & DELIVER MUSIC GEAR in KEY WEST

Island Guitar Ukulele Bass Drum Pa & Music Gear RENTALS in Key West
Island Guitar Ukulele Bass Drum Pa & Music Gear RENTALS in Key West

Most musicians traveling to the Florida Keys or Key West agree that flying or traveling in general with music gear can not only be very inconvenient, but VERY expensive and VERY risky, as damage to carry-on and checked instruments is very common.

We provide instrument and gear rental and delivery – We’ve got from very affordable to exotic and unique solutions to your musical wants and needs whether your just here for the weekend  and want a “knock around” guitar or ukulele for by the pool, beach or hotel room, or your in town on tour and need an old Martin Classical or vintage guitar amp with a USA Fender Strat or Gibson Les Paul to make your way through the musical experiences we call Duval Street Key West!



Ukulele Camp 2017 at Key West Tropical Forest & Botanical Garden July 24- 28 (8:00am to Noon daily)

Ukulele summer Camp 2017 for Kids 4-9

Ukulele Camp 2017 is at the Key West Tropical Forest & Botanical Garden located at 5210 College Rd, Key West, FL 33040 on Stock Island.  

We are excited to be planning the best music summer camp experience ever for 2017!  

By popular demand, everyone will focus on the ukulele as the main camp instrument but we will explore electric and acoustic guitar, bass, keyboards, drums and steel pans.  We encourage each child to try each instrument before spending all of their time with one. 

Our goal is to provide a professional musical environment through special tools, equipment, experience, knowledge and live examples, performances and guest speakers, where guided hands on experiences can be created along side and along with with peers in their age group, where that they can discover new likes and hidden talents while building a better more meaningful summer camp experience. 

Monday July 24th to Friday July 28th

Ages 4-9


Camp admission is $200 for first child and $150 per sibling 

Is you pre-school aged child ready for ukulele camp?  

□ Can your child count to 20?
□ Can your child recite the alphabet?
□ Can your child use a pair of scissors?
□ Does your child mostly color within the lines?
□ Can your child sit still for 10 minutes at a time? 
□ Does your child pretend to play ukulele, guitar, drums or piano on objects like tables and sofa arms?
□ Does your child respond to music by dancing or singing with it?
□ MUST be able to use bathroom facilities unassisted. No exceptions. 

Island Guitar Key West (Home of the BONE ISLAND MUSIC CREW) 1109 Key Plaza Key West, Fl 33040 Phone: 305-414-8056

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I’m enjoying jamming around playing my Dean Cadillac electric guitar today after restringing with a new set of light gauge strings on and opening a new glass slide – a Joe Perry (Aerosmith) Signature Slide!

I’m enjoying sitting around playing my Dean Caddy electric guitar today after putting a new set of light gauge strings on, adjusting the action and intonation – then opening a new glass slide – a Joe Perry (Aerosmith) signature CERAMIC Slide – It is awesome.

A quick solder repair to the input jack of this Gibson USA Les Paul Standard. Then back to a night of music on world famous Duval street!


Island Guitar & Ukuleke Lesson Studios in Key West Offer AUTHORIZED Repairs & Setups

 A quick solder repair to the input jack of this Les Paul Standard by Gibson USA – then the guitar and happy customer headed back to a night of music on world famous Duval street! 

While in for the emergency guitar repair,  a happy guitar player from Italy finds his way to my collection of tone makers and effect pedals – he rented my TREX Replica delay and original Ibanez TS-9 Tube Screamer along with my vintage Marshall  JTM30. 

After some repairs to this electric guitar we try some effect pedals that are for RENT at Island Guitar & Ukulele Lesson & studio in Key West

 After I set up the action and Floyd Rose on this electric Dean Deceiver I played through some different sound effect FX pedals like this BOSS octave,  MXR Carbon Copy (digital delay), and my favorite – the Dunlop Crybaby pedal selection. My favorite Wah pedals were Slash, Joe  Bonamassa, and of course the Jimi Hendrix!

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