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Wayne Sorbelli here with a small video clip I made for a student of mine of Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin’s “Bring It On Home” @ Island Guitar Music Lesson Studio KEY WEST

Here is a small video clip I made specifically for a student of mine of Led Zeppelin’s “Bring It On Home'” Guitar Lesson @ Island Guitar Music Lesson Studio Key West & ONLINE. 
Although you don’t have the notes leading up to this video as does my student, I hope you still find it a useful example of my style of teaching. Please ask me questions. I answer as I can.

My new USA Gibson SG with 3 Blade pickups & 6 way toggle through my 16 watt tube amp – Stevie Ray Vaughan Travis Walk/Scuttle Buttin stew

My new USA Gibson SG with 3 Blade pickups & 6 way toggle through my 16 watt tube amp – my take on Stevie Ray Vaughan “Travis Walk” style blues played to bass and drums backing track from “Scuttle Buttin” 

Pink Floyd Comfortably Numb (first 1st solo) Island Guitar Store Key West Music Lesson Studios

Polishing my David Gilmour Skills on USA Fender Stratocaster 2011 HSS (which stands for humbucker – single coil – single coil pick up configuration). I love to use the whammy bar on a guitar that actually can stay in tune when using the tremolo like it was intended to be used. I tuned up and quickly laid down some Pink Floyd comfortably numb 1st solo (it’s so damn epic) just as an excuse to go to town on the whammy bar! I love a good strat! 

“Wake Up Little Lion” Ukulele demo 4 my son Nicky by Wayne Woken Lion Sorbelli from Island Guitar & Music Studio in Key West at Miami Children’s Hospital

So here is one take of a song that I had written in my sleep for my son Nicky Sorbelli . I call it “Wake Up Little Lion” 

Greetings!! Wayne Sorbelli here of Island Guitar and Music Lessons & Sales Studio in Key West.

 I’m at the Miami Children’s Hospital with my son Nicky where he is battling cancer, T Lymphoblastic Lymphoma. 

Last night before going to bed I had a melody stuck in my head, a vocal melody and ukulele chord progression.  I was unknowingly gathering inspiration from two surrounding situations:

1) a child in the hospital room next to my son Nicky went into a coma because of the chemo and still has not woken up for almost a week now and the doctors give the child little to no hopes of ever waking up)  – 


2) my son’s Nicky’s bone marrow needs to WAKE UP as well!!   

When I woke up this morning in the hospital next to Nicky, the song was in my head with lyrics and all. . So I grabbed my ukulele and a coffee and headed outside of  the hospital to find a private spot to use my iPhone6  camera to quickly record it before I forget it ( which happens to me all the time lol). 

Nicky & I are typing and loading pictures on Nicky’s own page on our Sorbelli family website at