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UkeOut (ukulele open mic jam) is one island tradition that has helped make Key West the Ukulele Capital of North America.
UkeOut PAGE is the Island Guitar page to support our local (OR visiting) Ukulele players.
We have EVERYTHING you need to jam out or “UKEOUT” as it’s dubbed! Ukuleles, cases, ukulele display wall hangers and stands, straps, strings, tuners, learning books cd’s and DVD’s, cleaning kits, and a ton of COOL ukulele lover GIFT items, T-Shirts and fun accessories!!
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UkeOut Jam & open mic Ukulele nights canceled APRIL 2020 at Green Parrot and everywhere in public in key west for COVID19 safety It’s time for a private ONLINE uke lesson w/ Wayne Sorbelli

Ukulele Slide Ukulele by online Uke teacher Wayne Sorbelli in Key West

Greetings Wayne here! I sure hope everyone is staying inside, brushing the dust off their ukuleles and guitars and getting busy on them while doing your part to say inside and stay safe and help stop the spread of COVID19 virus. Unfortunately all UKEOUT jam sessions, ukulele open mic nights, and the Monthly Green Parrott Ukulele Orchestra Meeting Night is canceled APRIL 2020 and until notice. Pleased check back.

In order to pass the quarantine “state-of-settle-in” time easier and maybe even with some benefits and true life satisfaction and overall happiness increase, i’m pulling out the old guitars and musical instruments and taking advantage of the time instead of sitting around crying about being locked in.

I’ve got live 1-on-1 SKYPE ZOOM and FACETIME lesson spots open 30 minute or 1 hour. Now is abetter time than ever to give it a try or pick up where you left off – weather it was right before quarantine or not since you where in college – time to get back to it – its the perfect time .

I teach any size Ukulele, banjolele, Uke Bass, acoustic electric or nylon string guitar, Bass guitar, or Cigar Box Guitar or any other stringed home made guitar type instrument. I specialize in slide guitar in regular standard tuning listen to and love everything from Abba to BBKing, Hank Williams to ZZTop, Metallica to SRV and all between.

The Next ukeout April 2020 at the Green Parrot has been canceled due to the state of settling-in for covid-19 virus saftey

UkeOut Ukulele Open Mic and Jam Session in Florida Keys & Key West

Hi friends. I hope everyone is staying safe by staying in during the covid19 virus outbreak.

I find myself playing a ton of ukulele and guitar during all of this – I hope to see you all in person at the Green Parrot ukulele open mic night as soon as this virus passes through and its safe to gather together once again – I sure am missing people and contact and hugs.

If you already play ukulele or are just starting out and would like some beginner to advanced ukulele and even slide or bass uke lessons, please get in touch with me personally or through my store.

different sizes of ukulele chart below:

Ukulele Size & Tuning Chart for Soprano, Concert, Tenor, Baritone, Bass & 8 string Ukes

TUNINGS: Standard (most common) Soprano, Concert and Tenor are all tuned the same way gCEA although you can use other tunings on a tenor but it doesn’t work very well in baritone tuning, which is DGBE like the highest pitched (skinniest) four strings of a guitar. There is also a Bass Uke that is tuned just like a bass guitar to the same tuning and pitch EADG.

The Concert size ukulele is the world’s favorite and most commonly played and purchased – with it’s smaller brother soprano coming in second.

Ukulele night at Green Parrot Bar Key West april 2020 CANCELLED COVID19 virus

Island Guitar Key West UkeOut Ukulele Night

The Next UkeOut Ukulele party Open Mic Jam Night in the Florida Keys  at Green Parrot Bar in Key West, scheduled April 2020 CANCELED due to safety restrictions from COVID19 virus

It’s time for another aweseome night of ukulele orchestra  and open mic madness  at the world famous Green Parrot  Bar in “Party Galaxy ”  famous Key West!!

I hope to see you there with your uke in hand!!

If you want some private one-on-one lessons on ukulele, guitar bass, drums, piano, violin, cello, flute or saxophone pls email me here or call 305-414-8056

For an awesome Key West summer camp music experience for KIDS ages 5-11  please visit

UkeOut Jam & ukulele open mic night in key West tonight @ Green Parrot

Next UkeOut Ukulele party Open Mic Jam Night in the Florida Keys is at Green Parrot Bar in Key West, Wednesday March 7, 2018 8pm-11pm

Luna Honu (Turtle) ukulele @ Island Guitar Shop Key West

UkeOut (ukulele open mic jam session) is one island tradition that has helped make Key West the Ukulele Capital of North America.

Come Celebrate Dance & Party with us @ the 5 Five Year Green Parrot Ukulele Orchestra Anniversary tonight!!  

Come dance & party with us while we celebrate the five 5 year anniversary of the UkeOut ukulele party and Green Parrot Ukulele Orchestra Band.  

Don’t miss it tonight May 4th, 2016 at the world famous Green Parrot Bar from 8pm-11pm