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New exotic ukuleles arrive in Key West & Dallas for Sale and Rental with lesson packages available


Island Guitar Ukulele Piano Store in Key West
Island Guitar Ukulele  Store in Key West

New ukuleles in ALL SIZES, SOPRANO, CONCERT, TENOR, BARITONE and EVEN the NEW Uke BASS and 8-STRING ukulele!!! 

They have arrived in Key West at my Island Guitar shop and will soon be arriving  in our Dallas Wayne’s World Music Store.

Ukuleles FOR SALE and RENT with LESSON packages available for BEGINNER or STAGE players and practically ALL AGEs !! 

You are not going to believe your eyes, your hands, or your ears if you’re lucky enough to get a chance to stop in our store and play, feel, look and listen to one in of these beautiful instruments in person!!!!!!

The new exotica series comes in a few woods worth bragging about.

Olive Ash Burl, Spalt Maple, and Maple Burl.

MSG me here or give me a call 305-414-8056  Key West

 570-674-1995 Dallas

“Play Uke Be Happy”


Valentine’s Day Holiday Gift certificates Music LESSON Packages for Piano, Guitar, Violin, Cello, Drum Percussion, Bass Vocal etc,,

Island Guitar Ukulele Piano & MORE Music Store Key West & Wilkes-Barre/Dallas
Island Guitar Ukulele Piano & MORE Music Store Key West & Wilkes-Barre/Dallas

Island Guitar Piano Violin  Drums Ukulele  Sales Rental Repair Lessons


LESSON Packages for Piano, Guitar, Violin, Cello,  Drums and Percussion,  Bass guitar and even Vocal training!

ISLAND GUITAR music shop is Key West’s ONLY music Gift shop AND fully functioning music store for lessons, repairs, sales, marching and school band instrument rentals etc!

T-Shirts, Tank tops, shot glasses, guitar picks, stickers etc.

It’s the ultimate souvenir for those who love music and the beautiful sun soaked island of Key West!

We are a full service music store for those who play, those who want to play, and for bars, clubs, saloons and places that have live bands. We service publi address needs in churches, ball fields and hall rooms, parties inside and out, etc. 





Guitars, ukuleles, bass, drums, cymbals, AMPS, Pa’s, mixers, microphones, speakers, accessories, drum heads, strings, tubes, cables, stands etc etc. We carry Boss, Roland, Sure, Dean, MXR, Marshall, Peavey, Luna, Korg, dunlop, crybaby, Zildjian, and much more. pls contact us with any ?’s


Island Guitar Key West Music Sales Lessons Rental repairs

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I’ve owned and operated Wayne’s World Music since 1996.  
My Music World includes:
Wayne’s World Dallas 570-674-1994 
2611 Memorial HWY
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Island Guitar aka Bone Island Music Key West 305-414-8056
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Violin, Fiddle, Cello & Piano Studios in Key West & Dallas – Lessons Children & Adult, Beginner to Advanced, PRIVATE individual

violin, cello,  guitar, BASS, drums, ukulele, & piano lessons & music instruction Key West
violin, cello, guitar, BASS, drums, ukulele, & piano lessons & music instruction Key West

We are now offering Professional Violin, Cello and Fiddle lessons @ our Key West studio, FL  & Wayne’s World Dallas!

From beginner to advanced, children to adult 

Beginner to professional level and almost all age for violin, fiddle, cello, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, upright BASS, electric bass, drum, hand percussion, djembe, bongo, conga, ukulele, piano and keyboard lessons and music instruction in ALL STYLES by experienced teachers with impressive backgrounds and great people skills.

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call us during hours at either location

We NOW RENT and SELL all MARCHING BAND instruments!

Thank You

Ukulele Slide Blues “I Made It Cry w/my Glass Finger” Wayne Sorbelli @ Island Guitar Shop Key West & Dallas

Click link above to watch video:  Ukulele Slide Blues. “I Made It Cry w/my Glass Finger”

Wayne Sorbelli here at my music store in Key West jamming some blues in Am using my glass slide finger and Luna Cedar Top Ukulele.

I’m in standard soprano ukulele tuning GCEA.

I didn’t change anything about the uke, it’s a regular setup on an off the shelf Luna Cedar Top ukulele with nylon strings.

I’m sliding with my pinky wearing a glass slide Dunlop 212.

“You can try to play the blues, or just give in and let the blues play you!  That’s IT!  It’s THAT little struggle, THAT split second tension right there between me and my guitar and those unconscious note choices that are happening when the notes start to play me, to me,  THAT IS THE BLUES”  – Wayne Sorbelli

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305-414-8056 in Key West

570-674-1995 in Dallas


Welcome to Island Guitar Key West & Dallas home of Music Lessons Band Instrument Rental & Sales & Ukulele, Bass, Drum, Piano, Violin & MORE

Island Guitar
Island Guitar Key West & Wilkes-Barre/Dallas

We are a full service music store for those who play, those who want to to learn play, and for bars, clubs, churches and places that have public speakers, performers and live bands.

We have good ol’ brick and mortar music shops in:

Key West Florida 305-414-8056
1109 Key Plaza, Key West, FL 33040
(aka Bone Island Music)

Dallas 570-674-1995
2611 memorial hwy, Dallas, Pa 18612
(aka Wayne’s World Music)


Instruments, Accessories, Drum heads, Strings, tubes, cables, stands etc etc.

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