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UkeOut Jam & ukulele open mic night in key West tonight @ Green Parrot

Next UkeOut Ukulele party Open Mic Jam Night in the Florida Keys is at Green Parrot Bar in Key West, Wednesday March 7, 2018 8pm-11pm

Luna Honu (Turtle) ukulele @ Island Guitar Shop Key West

UkeOut (ukulele open mic jam session) is one island tradition that has helped make Key West the Ukulele Capital of North America.

New model ukuleles, guitars and electric pianos in stock and on SALE in time for the holiday season at Island Guitar Key West

New model ukuleles on SALE at Island Guitar Key West Music Store

Key West’s family owned and operated music store has new model ukuleles and guitars  in stock and ON SALE in time for the holidays.

We have great selection of beginner, intermediate AND stage worthy instruments for sale this holiday season.  We stocked heavey on  ukuleles, guitars, keyboards and everything from harmonicas and tambourines to weighted key electric pianos and replacement parts like guitar strings and drum heads.

We not only sell the supplies that working musicians and students need but also offer the services that go along with these items such as ukulele string changing and guitar and bass action and intonation set-ups.

We also sell gift certificate packages for merchandise, service or repair work, and private lesson gift packages for ukulele, guitar, bass, drums, flute, cello, violin, piano, harmonica and more!

We specailize in great gift ideas and stocking stuffer ideas for musicians and musician hopefuls.

This is my wife Jamie and my TWENTIETH holiday season in the music business and feel like we can help you pick out some fun and useful gifts for the musicians on your gift list – including some great gifts  for ourselves.

Wishing everyone a wonderful  2017 holiday season!


Is your pre-school aged child ready for Key West kids ukulele summer camp?

Ukulele summer Camp 2017 for Kids 4-9

Is you pre-school aged child ready for ukulele camp?


□ Can your child count to 20?

□ Can your child recite the alphabet?

□ Can your child use a pair of scissors?
□ Does your child mostly color within the lines?

□ Can your child sit still for 10 minutes at a time?
□ Does your child pretend to play ukulele, guitar, bass, violin, flute, drums or piano on objects like tables, pencils, broomsticks, sofa arms, etc?

□ Does your child respond to music by tapping their feet, hands, fingers or toes to the beat or like dancing or singing with it?
□ MUST be able to use bathroom facilities unassisted. No exceptions.

Island Guitar Key West (Home of the BONE ISLAND MUSIC CREW) 1109 Key Plaza Key West, Fl 33040 Phone: 305-414-8056

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Ukulele Camp Dedicated Summer Camp Page

Kids Ukulele Summer Camp 2017 in Key West

Ukulele summer Camp 2017 for Kids 4-9

We are excited to be planning the best music summer camp experience ever for 2017!

By popular demand, everyone will focus on the ukulele as the main camp instrument but we will explore electric and acoustic guitar, bass, keyboards, drums and steel pans. We encourage every child to try several different instruments before spending all of their time with one.

Our goal is to provide a professional musical learning environment through special tools, equipment, experience, knowledge, live examples, performances and guest speakers. These guided hands-on experiences help campers discover new likes and hidden talents while building the best summer camp experience ever.

Ukulele Camp 2017 is at the Key West Tropical Forest & Botanical Garden located at 5210 College Rd, Key West, FL 33040 on Stock Island.

7/24/17 to 7/28/17

Monday July 24 to Friday July 28,


Ages 4-9
(Potty trained necessary)

Camp admission is $200 for first child and $150 per sibling

email me ?’s comments or to sign up at

Island Guitar We RENT Ukuleles Bass Keyboards Drum Guitar Pa Mics Mixers etc & Othter Music Gear in Key West

Island Guitar We RENT Ukuleles Bass Drum Guitar Pa Mics Mixers etc & Othter Music Gear  in Key West

WE RENT GUITARS & MUSIC GEAR in Key West & Florida Keys

Most musicians traveling to the Florida Keys or Key West agree that flying or traveling in general with music gear can not only be very inconvenient, but VERY expensive and VERY risky, as damage to carry-on and checked instruments is very common.

We provide instrument and gear rental and delivery – We’ve got from very affordable to exotic and unique solutions to your musical wants and needs whether your just here for the weekend and want a “knock around” guitar or ukulele for by the pool, beach or hotel room, or your in town on tour and need an old Martin Classical or vintage guitar amp with a USA Fender Strat or Gibson Les Paul to make your way through the musical experiences we call Duval Street Key West!

NEXT SHOW: Sunday June 11th 2017 Geiger Key Marina for Nicky’s Annual Celebration Race Join us for a GREAT Classic Blues Jam Rock Party!

NEXT SHOW: Sunday June 11th 2017 Geiger Key Marina for Nicky’s Annual Celebration Race

Join us for a GREAT Classic Blues Jam Rock Party !

Key West’s Original Classic Party Blues Jam Rock Band DWCstrain
Wayne Sorbelli Key West Blues/Rock Band DWC Strain live @ Gas Monkey on Duval St

Playing my new Dean Thoroughbred guitar with my blues rock jam band DWC STRAIN live at Gas Monkey Key West

Wayne Sorbelli in Key West Blues/Rock Jam Band DWC Strain live @ Gas Monkey on Duval St

During DWC STRAIN’s cover of Led Zeppelin’s epic “Whole Lotta Love” last week at Gas Monkey Bar & Grill I used my new Dean Thoroughbred guitar, two different tap delay pedals simotaniously, my Dunlop Crybaby Jimmy Hendrix Wah Wah pedal, and a small glass slide worn on my pinky finger to recreate Jimmy Page’s theremin sections of the song.  It worked very well in my opinion as a credible option of recreating those famous sections without having to purchase, transport, and set up another instrument and more gear for each show.

When we do “Whole Lotta Love”, which is almost every show, the middle sections of the song (the big trippy sections where the theremin squeals and vocal screams and sexual moans etc are) has been becoming a musical playground for us. It has taken on a formlessness that has opened some sonic doors for us as musicians allowing us to morph into different sequences of other songs akin to what Page, Plant, Jones & Bonham were doing during their live shows –  which is morph into a few other sectiong s of songs before cleverly musically morphing back into the main section of WHole Lotta Love!  We’ve been blending “How Many More Times” as well as some old rock standard riffs similar to what Zeppelin  was doing live in the 1970’s during the now infamous “Song Remains The Same” live shows and soundtracks.

Catch my band DWC STRAIN live at Gas Monkey  (217 Duval Street, Key West,  FL 33040 next to Irish Kevin’s)  most Thursdays Fridays and Saturdays 7:00pm to 11:00pm


Live Classic Rock & Blues Jam Band DWC Strain TONIGHT Thursday 3-9-17 Gas Monkey Key West 7pm-11pm

Live Classic Rock & Blues Jam Band DWC Strain TONIGHT Thursday 3-9-17 Gas Monkey Key West 7pm-11pm

Wayne “Woken Lion” Sorbelli Key West Open Mic Night

I’m VERY excited about tonight’s show!! Hopefully we will get a chance to play and jam a few new songs tonight.  My favorite musical project this week has been figuring out Jimmy Page’s solos for The Ocean  which is one of my favorite Led Zeppelin songs.

Last week Carter broke into some Johnny Cash and that was very very cool! Then at one point we broke into some FUNK classics right in the middle of Joe Walsh’s FUNK #49.  I hope we do that again at tonight’s show.

Besides Led Zeppelin, some of my favorite music is our Pink Floyd sets.  I love trying to get Richard Wright’s keyboard lines on my glass or chrome slide.  And of course trying to squeeze the tone out of my guitar like David Gilmore is always fun and rewarding as a musician and constant student.

DWC Strain the Band Key West Original Party Rock Band

As usual we will be playing the BEST classic rock, rock, and blues rock  AND a set or so of PINK FLOYD this Thursday, Friday and Saturday 3/9 3/10 & 3/11   2017    From 7pm to 11pm at World Famous Gas Monkey Bar & Grill located at 217 Duval Street Key West Florida 33040.

check for scheduled shows and band updates on this Island Guitar PAGE for my band DWC STRAIN at