New exotic ukuleles arrive in Key West & Dallas for Sale and Rental with lesson packages available


Island Guitar Ukulele Piano Store in Key West
Island Guitar Ukulele  Store in Key West

New ukuleles in ALL SIZES, SOPRANO, CONCERT, TENOR, BARITONE and EVEN the NEW Uke BASS and 8-STRING ukulele!!! 

They have arrived in Key West at my Island Guitar shop and will soon be arriving  in our Dallas Wayne’s World Music Store.

Ukuleles FOR SALE and RENT with LESSON packages available for BEGINNER or STAGE players and practically ALL AGEs !! 

You are not going to believe your eyes, your hands, or your ears if you’re lucky enough to get a chance to stop in our store and play, feel, look and listen to one in of these beautiful instruments in person!!!!!!

The new exotica series comes in a few woods worth bragging about.

Olive Ash Burl, Spalt Maple, and Maple Burl.

MSG me here or give me a call 305-414-8056  Key West

 570-674-1995 Dallas

“Play Uke Be Happy”


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