Brad Gillis (Ozzy Osbourne/Night Ranger) joins DurtBags @ Dirty Harry’s Key West 2013

Brad Gillis Rocks @ Durty Harry's Key West 2013
Brad Gillis Rocks @ Durty Harry’s Key West 2013

Brad Gillis, world famous guitarist (Ozzy Osbourne / Night Ranger), makes a trip down south, way way way down south to mile zero – over 100 miles off the Florida coast sitting between the great Gulf of Mexico and the mighty Atlantic Ocean, nicknamed PARADISE –  to the island of Key West where he is set to play some killer guitar with the Durtbags at Durty Harry’s FRIDAY Nov 15th and Saturday Nov 16th, 2013.    

While it’s snowing up north, things are heating up down here on Duval street, home of some of the worlds most infamous bars, saloons, characters, and yes – Rock n Roll PIRATES!!!!  The greatest of all the baddest-ass-pirate-rock-n-roll total-backstage-lifestyle bigger-than-life always-the-biggest-PARTY stages in ALL the world is conveniently located at the 200 block of Duval street across from Sloppy Joe’s at Durty Harry’s Complex (Bars, lounges, Key West’s BEST strip club The Red Garter, and the stage of the worlds greatest badass band – the DurtBags !!)

Be sure to stop in and check out The DurtBags with special guest Brad Gillis TONIGHT  FRIDAY Nov 15th, and Saturday Nov 16th 2013  starting around 9pm

5 thoughts on “Brad Gillis (Ozzy Osbourne/Night Ranger) joins DurtBags @ Dirty Harry’s Key West 2013”

  1. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!! I can’t tell you how freaking excited I am right now!! I’m just bummed I can’t take Logan bc he’s not old enough to get in to Durtys. Great now I can’t concentrate at work. Lol.

      1. I talked to Mark Rossi & he okayed me to bring Logan. It’s good to have connections. Lol. I’ve know Mark for over 30 years now. See you tonight!!

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