How many guitar players are there in the world?

Key West guitarist/teacher Sorbelli enjoys playing Captain Pyrite’s Dean Flying V

I was just reading an article on and there appears to be some difference in opinion as to how many “guitar players” are on the planet (some say 20 million – some say 50 million) – well I know a ton of people who “play and tinker with the guitar” ,,,,, they really would be considered a guitar player to me – but they would never “SAY” they were a “guitar player” because they don’t think they are “good enough”,,,,,,, well you either golf or NOT – it’s not how good someone is at their hobby nor is it how much time one dedicates to their hobby – it’s still their hobby. Whether golfing, fishing, boating, painting, throwing a baseball, or throwing 3 chords around on a guitar – your still a guitar player in my book.

I say that estimate is at least 300 million across the globe (100 million in the open, and 200 million in the closet)

By the way – I LOVE the Key West Fishing Charter Legend/Rock Star, Commander Hawk’s, Dean Flying V (tuned dropped-D, down a whole step pictured above) – it sounded especially good through my ALL tube/valve Marshall Haze 15 watt full stack!

Thank you Commander Hawk aka Captain Pyrite!!!!!

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  1. I think you might be correct on how many players there are .We need a video of you playing the V. Merry X-Mas Wayne tell Jamie we said hi.

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